Your First Aid Guide To Psychic Self-Defense… You’re About To Learn “Martial Arts” Against Demons, Dark Energy, And Negative People… Techniques Even A Five Year Old Could Do

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In Defense Against The Dark Arts, you’ll learn…

  • How to survive a true demonic attack – I say survive because a human cannot win
  • Biology & psychology of ghost hauntings, harmful negs, elemental leeches, and more
  • Bulletproof countermeasures against death curses, bloodline curses, and coven wars
  • How to fumigate a violent poltergeist
  • How to decontaminate your energy body
  • Mega salt baths, organic diets & fasting
  • My unfiltered “war stories” from 40 years in the trenches as a psychic bodyguard
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When You’re Under Attack, The Most Dangerous Mistake Is To Do Nothing At All…

Dear Friend,

Just imagine…

You wake up to your child screaming bloody murder in the dead of night. You sprint down the hall to their bedroom, flip on the light, and find them crying in agony. You urgently demand to know “What’s wrong?” and they sob that a “Mean, ugly ghost hurts them” in their sleep.

As a magician, you now stand at a fork in the road:

  • Do you believe your child and protect them against the violence of a vampiric spirit? — Because you know that predatory spirits target young children, the elderly, and the disabled more than any other demographic.


  • Do you shame your child, blame it on a wild imagination, and allow this predator to harass them again with impunity? — You submit them to a psychiatrist who prescribes sleeping pills. In other words, you’ve now administered a date rape drug.
Just imagine…

A bitter enemy of yours maliciously threatens to curse you with baneful magick, and you shrug it off as spooky fear-mongering. A week passes and you become desperately tired and depressed, your skin breaks out with acne, and your best friends become strangely distant and hostile toward you. Even worse, a sickening urge to take drugs, quit your life, and commit suicide takes over your psychology.

As a magician, you now stand at a fork in the road:

  • Do you believe your enemy and protect yourself against the torment of baneful magick? — Because you know that a curse commonly instills a death wish in a victim.


  • Do you shame yourself, blame it on a wild imagination, and allow this predator to harass you again with impunity? — You submit yourself to a psychiatrist who prescribes antidepressants.

You Cannot “Call The Police” On A Negative Entity Or Baneful Magician… Here’s The Deadly Serious Truth I Learned From 40 Years Of Psychic War

I have lived as a psychic bodyguard and mystic for over four decades now. You might wonder why a lifelong mystic would provide safe counsel to a black magician like yourself. Allow me to explain…

Regrettably, my fellow mystics often espouse pacifism and when it comes to psychic safety, many tend to live with their heads in the sand. I hate to say it, but they have become sitting ducks. They do not acknowledge the violent forces of legionnaire demons, harmful negs, and baneful magick. Instead, they call it fairytale and espouse platitudes of karma and self-fulfilling prophecies.

Why so much denial? Because it horrifies them to face a deadly serious truth…

You cannot “run and hide” from a psychopathic demon. You cannot “call the police” on a baneful witch. You cannot “pray to god” that a toxic neg leave you alone.

“Thoughts And Prayers” Will Not Save You… Perform These Life-Saving Techniques When Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

This 14-hour, high-definition, no-bullshit, mastery course provides literally every battle-proven technique and secret I have discovered and utilized to defend children, the elderly, the disabled, celebrities, and normal people from possession, invasion, haunting, attack, and intoxication.

In this mega-course Mastering Psychic Self-Defense you will learn:

  • How to survive a true demonic attack – I say “survive” because a human cannot “win” against a demon in a one-on-one fight
  • Biology & psychology of ghost hauntings, harmful negs, elemental leeches, chakra parasites, and more
  • Bulletproof countermeasures against death curses, bloodline curses, and coven wars
  • How to quarantine and fumigate a violent poltergeist
  • How to decontaminate and heal your energy body
  • My all-time favorite recipes for mega salt baths, organic diets, and fasting
  • Procedures of electrical grounding to earth your energy
  • My unfiltered “war stories” from 40 years in the trenches as a psychic bodyguard
  • And MUCH MUCH more, because truthfully this does not even scratch the surface of this marathon video course.

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We Currently Witness A Record High Number Of Psychic And Demonic Attacks…

It has become necessary to share this priceless counsel with you and the human race simply as a matter of survival. Over the last 40 years of my life as a psychic bodyguard, I have witnessed the number of magical and demonic attacks reach an all-time high.

I warn you with a straight face: If you still have not protected yourself, then a 100% certainty exists that a harmful neg or energy vampire has preyed on you without your consent or knowledge.

Learn how to Defend yourself…

Best Wishes,

Most Helpful Reviews

By Ronald, UK

Absolutely fascinating subject matter. The production quality is superb. Robert is a riveting storyteller and an expert in his field. I learned so much about negative entities I never knew; a whole world living behind the scenes. And this reality brings clarity to so much in life. Robert teaches a plethora of techniques on how to deal with negative entities. Now I have a toolbox of countermeasures for myself and loved ones when I find myself dealing with negative people or negs. These tools are practical and easy to apply. Thank you, Robert.